okay so i was playing guitar and noticed that it was starting to crackle... every little movement i made, made the sound come out cracky... i dont know what it is.. is it the chord or my guitar input jack?

im using a neutrik cord,,, i'm sure you've seen them as they're very common.. there the ones with a silver casing on each connecting thingy or whatever its called (the tips of the cord the connect to the guitar and amp) and it then is blue for a couple inches then its all black.
its this one just that the tips arent gold they're silver on mine.
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Change the cord, if that doesn't work, it's the input jack.

i dont have another one.
Then buy another one to try it.
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It's always handy to have a couple of spare leads around (and patch cables if you have a few effects) to be able to eliminate such problems. And for spares when one (inevitably) dies.

Which will happen at a gig. Usually a showcase gig, or one where you've invited the hot chick you've been eyeing up for a while.
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You don't have any spare cords? Always keep spares on-hand, whether it's tubes, cords, picks, mic cables... whatever - keep a spare handy. This is one of those things you really shouldn't even have to ask - if you had a spare cord. As the others have suggested, you either have a bad cable, or your output jack is wonky. BTW, Neutrik makes connectors, not cables. It's just me being a little pedantic, but trying to keep the facts straight.
Why don't you just remove the jack and have a look? 30 seconds and a screwdriver are all you need.
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Change it.


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