Hello, I've noticed that the angle of my wrist dramatically affects my technique. For example being leaned more to the left/right

My question is, do you feel like your wrist should be leaning more towards the left or the right? Also how much the left/right?

My goal is versatility. I don't want to have to change my hand position when switching in between sweep picking, hybrid picking, and alternate picking.
Comfort. To be honest, I play for best comfort. If your wrist angle is wrong, it will effect your technique, efficiency or comfort. Those are the three things you're looking for. At home, I play rhythm or lead/solo. In my group, I play lead/solo. Both styles are approached differently. When I play rhythm, I keep my wrist straight and bend at my elbow. When playing lead, I make small movements with my wrist to get to the string I need pick. No matter what I'm playing, it has to feel good and provide maximum efficiency for best technique.