The band that I am in is an experimental, post-alternative, math-rock, dark-indie band. It sounds kind of confusing, but hey, music is music. It's classified in that many classifications is because we tend to switch our sound here and there. We do most of our sounds differently all the time. One jam session could be played with acoustic guitars with vocal harmonies, then the next will be the same set-list using synths, sampling-devices, hardcore drums, etc.

Anyway, to the point...

Our band doesn't really appeal to the musical world, so I'm trying to get it out to people. I don't care about fame or money, I don't really want to be a rock-star... ...I just want people to hear us, hopefully like our music, and then be able to perform for people.

This my recording equipment was destroyed, here are some semi-horrible quality recordings from us. Most feature an old friend known as Jo.

Oldest: https://soundcloud.com/steriotic
Near Recent: https://soundcloud.com/dak-from-steriotic
Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/WeAreSteriotic

If you like us, spread the word, if not... ...I don't really care. Most of our uploads are rough, old jam sessions but I'm planning to get some new rigs and equipment for the sound I've been experimenting with.
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