im posting a video to check my technique for the guys that helped me i posted a one about a month or so ago and i have taken your advise and unanchored and it has helped my play dramatically i believe im just playing a scale sequence up and down. tell me if you spot something wrong with my tech.

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It's a complete mess. Your technique looks alright, picking hand may be tense (although it's hard to tell without seeing your whole arm), but you're playing so sloppily it doesn't make any difference. Slow down, get it clean before speeding up because right now it's terrible; you've got serious string noise issues and you're not picking once for each note like you're obviously intending.
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I was running into string noise and being tense for a little while after I taught myself to stop achoring. Like Zaphod said slow way down and make it clean before trying to be fast. If need be start back at the basics. You said you just recently quick achoring as well, it will take time to adjust your muscle memory. Keep rollin' brother!
100% with what Zaphod said. It's very very sloppy.
It's tough to analyze your technique without seeing your whole arm. I'm almost positive you're using way more of your arm than your wrist however.
For me the number one most important thing to focus on is being RELAXED. If your hand is relaxed then playing with your wrist is significantly easier.
I feel relaxation and good technique go hand in hand to a certain extent.
Relaxation in general is extremely overlooked by less advanced players. It's so so so SOOOO important.
Ultimately you want to be relaxed when playing everything. That's the tricky part. The faster you get and the more technical the arrangement the more you tense up normally.
Yeah that's my best advice really haha. I don't even know of good ways to practice relaxation, it's just come to me naturally as i've improved.
Thanks for the comments. I feel way more relaxed than I used to be but I have been focusing on it and I can tell the difference. July was my 1 year guitar anniversary so I know I have a long road ahead of me. I can play cleanly at about 125 Bpm triplets this was just as fast as I could without tensing up a whole lot. Again thanks for the constructive criticisms guys
Honestly, try recording something that people, yourself included, would actually want to listen to.

There's no point getting bogged down in "guitar gymnastics", it's not a sport and nobody cares about your "stats". All that matters is whether or not you can make music with the guitar. Being able to play at 125bpm or whatever is of little value to you if you can only play a single exercise at that speed. Instead, ask yourself what can you actually DO with that speed, can you actually use it in a practical sense, can you play music at that speed?

If you can't then it's not really an awful lot of use to you.
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