More so metal (especially towards the end) but inspired by Crossfade after I learned some of their stuff.

I don't really know what I'm doing with GP6, so I apologize for the drums. I hope the GP5 export works alright. If not I can post a midi maybe

Not finished either, bass is muted because idk what to do with it yet. Only written bass is the Acoustic Bass in the beginning.
Harlot, Pt. 1 (Seduction).gpx
Harlot, Pt. 1 (Seduction).gp5
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hey here's my crit

first off i gotta say the gpx file is horribly unbalanced in volume difference of the intstruments.

like the intro , some nice dynamics there , nice melody , though kinda weird timing at first.

nice , liked it

ok now i feel like u gotta switch it up a bit , its a good riff but it gets repetitive , add a solo/lead maybe ?

The drums really didnt work like that for me , i guess its mostly just not my taste though.

i geuss with lyrics this piece would work a lot better , but without it feels repetitive after a while , and a lead/solo might add a lot of spice.

Can u crit Unsung Heroes for me ? its in my sig
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I sure can, and thanks for the crit! And I know GPX works like crap it is so buggy > I'll try to add a solo/lead but unfortunately I'm terrible at that. Crossfade probably adds to the repetitiveness lol their songs are so boring in tab form.

But I'll get right to your song.