Hey folks,

I'm in Philadelphia on business, and the local Sam Ash is having a clearance on low-end Gibsons. They have a Melody Maker for around $250, and I'm intrigued.

It would basically be an impulse buy to add to my collection, but I don't know much about the MMs. It's not a must-have item and I could pretty much take it or leave it, but if it's a great guitar for a great price, no reason not to.

My primary questions;

Are the Melody Makers any good? (Subjective, I know.)
How would it sound through an Orange Tiny Terror (1x12 combo)?
Would you get one for that price? Is it a good bargain?

I'd like to pop back over this weekend with a decision made, so let me know what you think.

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the melody makers are great quality guitars for the price imo. the reason they are cheap is because the guitar is only fitted with the bare minimum of what is required to allow it to function as intended, and there are no cosmetic frills like fancy flame tops or binding. it's the right way to make an entry level guitar, as far as i'm concerned

imo, $250 is a steal - you won't get a better quality brand new guitar for that price. you can get a more versatile, better looking guitar for less, though...
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