Can anyone tell me what type of case is best for airplane travel for my son's Godin 5th ave kingpin I?

Mmm, great guitar. I love those.
The guitar player in my school's jazz band has one of these for his jumbo acoustic and he uses it for the archtop he has as well:
If it's too big you can use some quilts or padding of some sort.
Having seen it done before, if he's going to carry-on his guitar most of these would work (though I have no experience with their quality control, fit, etc):
godin makes really REALLY awesome hard cases that are surprisingly light and very hard to break. You need a separate cover to put it around your shoulder but if you're just carrying it by hand, you can't beat this... Maybe your dealer has one but here's one on MF


EDIT: Just 4 pounds and you can drop it down a flight of stairs
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hum I just noticed the comments are not that great on musician's friend... I played around with a few in the store and a friend had one for a bit.

I never saw or heard of a problem with it but I didn't have it for years or anything so please take my suggestion with a grain of salt....
You want an ATA case. I'm not sure why Gator isn't known/liked around here, I never see their stuff recommended. I love it.


That case also has TSA approved latches.
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