Hey guys, just finished recording first song and wanted some feedback and tips on how to make the song all around sound better. Honestly, I don't know what genre to throw this into but a mashup of deathcore and metalcore. I especially would like tips when it comes to guitar recording/mixing/mastering and vocal mixing/mastering. Check out Obliteration at UnmaskingMusic youtube channel or the link below and help us out; subscribe if you like the song, for more are coming!
Thanks guys

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First of all, from what i can tell it's a solid recording and mixing job.
The guitar is a bit tinny, but at the same time is refreshing from the normal tone of the style ( very bass heavy). So unless you were going for tinny I'd recommend adding a touch of lower mids.
The vocals are very consistent in volume and tone, but nothing really stands out about it, also possibly just a touch quiet compared to the guitar.
But again as it is currently there is nothing to complain about.
Thanks for the advice, let me also mention that none of the tracks are mastered other than a bit of reverb on the vocals . This is due to me not knowing about it at the time of recording; hence all feedback helps!