My chain is as follows:
Boss TU2->
Ibanez TS808->
BBE Sonic Stomp->
line6 dl4 ->
boss rv5->
isp decimator->
amp input.

nothing going through the Send and Return. just straight through.
I basically need advice on how to run this.

my delay tone gets messy through this chain.
and i also want to figure out how to keep my DL4/RV5 on without using it, and when i need to use it, i wont have to struggle with trying to press both at the same time (true bypass switchers maybe?)
use your decimator at the start of the chain, or anyways before ambience fxs, or it's gonna cut your delay tails! And your reverb too. That's why it's messy. If you think things are still too noisy (but I don't think will happen if you set the gate at the right level), run it after the tubescreamer. I'm assuming your sound comes out of the ts808 and you keep the gain of the amp at the lowest level possible. Cos if you use it as a booster for the amps own overdrive, you should REALLY put the delay and reverb in the send return loop of the amp.

Also, I'm not very experienced with the BBE sonic stomp, but I know what it does and have used its vst emulator. I think you should run it at the very end of the chain, or in case you use the send return, you should put it there. It's supposed to enhance your overall sound. Anyway, this is up to your taste.

The last thing, not having to press both your pedals and keep them on, is a little more complicated. Again, if you put them in the loop, and your amp has loop switching, you could do that. What's your amp?
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I'd put the reverb and delay through the fx loop. that should help clean up your signal a little bit for those effects. I keep an mxr noise clamp at the end of my chain to clean up all the noise from my pedals as well. As to that, I guess there are two possibilites: If your pedals are noisy, put the gate at the end of the chain. If your guitar is noisy, put the gate first thing in line to keep the guitar from sending a noisy signal through the amp when your not playing
A lot of delays sound shitty when paired with a dirt pedal in front of the amp... if you have an FX loop, throw the reverb and delay in there.
This is how I would set the chain up.

TU2->Decimator->TS808->Amp Input
then in the FX loop,
DL4->RV5->Sonic Stomp

BBE recommends putting Sonic Maximizers right before a power amp, so that's why I'd put it after the reverb and delay.
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