So when I have my amp on and I have my guitar plugged in I get this awful hum. My chain is guitar>ns-2>tube screamer>tuner>amp. No matter what way I rearrange the pedals I always get this humming kind of hiss like sound from my amp when I'm not playing. It's very frustrating when my band is playing live and I am turned up loud and whenever we are not playing it is easily heard in the background. What would I need to do to get rid of the hum? Do I need a hum cancelled pedal like the Hum Debugger from EHX or would I need that X-Hum think they make for the outlets?

TL;DR: Amp humming. I use a noise suppressor. How do I make it stop?

Edit: Also where does a hum debugger or similar pedal go in the chain?
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What guitar and amp is it? Looking at the gear list you have is it the Bugera and Jaguar? Also what are you using to power your pedals?

EDIT: Have you tried bypassing your pedal chain and going direct from your guitar to your amp?
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Watch these 3 videos. That will pretty much explain all you need to know.

Also, make sure your guitar is grounded and shielded.

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First try guitar straight into amp. Then start adding pedals one at a time. Try them on batteries first, then your external power supply. Be methodical. This will isolate the source of the problem. Find the culprit before thinking about gadgets to patch over the problem. It could easily be a single dodgey pedal or bad earth on the guitar. Find it first before trying to proceed.
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