I'm going to buy Ibanez GRGR010LTD. The thing is that it has only one bridge humbucker and the sound is awful. My budget is limited so I'm gonna buy this guitar and change the pickup for something else. Here's my question - which humbucker pickup would be best for me? I play some blues so it doesn't have to be high power, but I would also like to be able to get harder distorted sound. I was thinking about DiMarzio Evolution Bridge DP159, like in Evo, Steve Vai's signature. I'm not sure if the clean sound will suit me though so I'm looking for an alternative. Would you recommend me something?
I don't know why you'd buy an Ibanez for blues in the first place, not a bad sounding one with only 1 bridge humbucker for that matter.
If you play Steve Vai and things like that...that's not really pure blues I guess...but yeah...

I think your best bet is to try guitars with the pickups in them and choose the right one.
Maybe youtube videos can help you as well but different amps will make the pup sound different.
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I don't mean I play only blues, I would just like to have guitar that can handle softer sound as well as the harder one. And I don't mind how this guitar sounds now, like I said I'm gonna replace the pickup anyway, the main reason I'll buy is because of how the neck feels in my hands, I have never played on a guitar that suits me better than this one, it was love at a first touch. And yeah, I will move on to things like Steve maybe after few more years, when I get more skills, but it's not relevant. If I played only blues I would buy a Telecaster or such, but the neck feels too slow for me, unlike the Ibanez's that is smooth and flat. Anyway I'll do what you said, watch some videos on youtube, maybe of the other Ibanez guitars, till I find something good.
Look at SeymourDuncan's as well. Lots of options they list as blues options.
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SD Pearly Gates would work great
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i'd give the 59/custom hybrid a roll. seems like just what you want.
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I always prefer lower output for versatility. Maybe a Dimarzio PAF Pro or an SD 59/Custom.
Thank you guys for all the feedback, I checked out the SD 59/Custom Hybrid one and it sems to suit me very well.