Hi everybody!

I have already made a stratocaster and a jazz bass so I wanted a little bit of challenge after them. I started to build my RR about three years ago and it was completed a year ago

I combined the blueprint from my friends USA Series Snakeskin Jackson RR and his custom shop green flamed Jackson RR. The real colour is really hard to catch with my lousy mobile but the last pics are closest to the truth.

Pickup is Jackson J-80C with Je-1200.
Hardware is mostly Gotoh and the floyd is a Schaller.

Blueprints I drew from my friends Snakeskin RR and Green Flame RR

Neck is maple and the wings are american alder

Flame maple top 5mm thick with a great vulva in the center :laughing:

Really roughly sawed neck. For some reason I didn't make it a 3-piece neck but I hope it's not a problem.

Headstock angle sawed

Neck and headstock routed and neck sawed thinner. Wings planed and sawed roughly. My body router jig also in the pic.

Headstock with flame maple veneer.

Glueing the wings. Also you can see that I have routed 5mm off the neck for the top flame maple. The wings are already planed for the right thickness.

Glued the top flame maple and made the bevels. The holes are for little screws that kept the top from moving while it was glued.

From another angle. Oh and also I routed the cavity for the floyd.

More images coming in the next post

I marked the inlays with a sharp knife and used some chalk to make them visible. Then routed with a dremel.

All inlays routed.

I cut the fretboard and glued the white bindings. Just testing how it looks.

Just testing with hardware. Looks like a creamy white seethru because my mobile's white balance might not be the best in this lightning.

I'm testing a green water based dye on a flame maple piece. There is a black dye under it which is sanded so that the flames come more out.

Black water based dye sanded and the first coats of clear. There is just some filler in the pickup cavity.

After some coats of clear I sprayed the green. More clear on it and after sanding I taped the bevels really accurately. Black all around and it looks awesome. Testing with hardware.

Headstock looks great too. It needs more clear on top of the logo and I haven't scraped the black off from the top of the white bindings. CreamGun FTW

This ebony fretboard isn't as black as it could be but it looks ok with some oil.

This angle is awesome! And the taping of the black was a success.
Holy shit man, that is very, very nice.

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Very nice! How does she play, and what's next for you?

Thanks everyone!

It plays really good at least in my hand and you can't beat the feeling of playing a guitar that you have made yourself. I'm really really happy with it and sometimes I think I'm in love with it

It has Jackson J-80C pickup and JE-1200 midboost circuit so it sounds very familiar through an amp as many USA Series and custom Jacksons do. Without amp it sounds also good, little bit more treble than most Jacksons. But you can listen it in some videos from my youtube channel as I linked earlier.


At the moment I'm building a traditional butterscotch Telecaster for my dad as I promised it for him as a birthday present. I've been on a guitarbuilding course for 4-5 years and it starts again on august or september so right now I can't do much for it as I don't have a decent place or tools.

If your dream is to build a guitar or want to know how it's done, go to a course. (Or get a really good book) It might be too hard to start on your own. Cheers!
You should definitely post some details and pictures of any other builds that you have in progress. Everyone here loves that.
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You should definitely post some details and pictures of any other builds that you have in progress. Everyone here loves that.

I really haven't taken that much pics from my last builds or my recent telecaster

Somehow I just forget to take pics and my camera isn't so good either. Of course I can take pics of the ready made Strato and Jazz bass if someone wants to see them

Oh, and I almost forgot...I've done some really genitalic modifications and paintings for my friends Warwick bass that I need to share with you