So I've got this problem deciding between 2 guitars.

I've always been a huge fan of Jaguar type guitars and I was going to buy myself a Squier Vintage Mod. Jaguar but then I read about a lot of people having problems with the bridge. I've been looking into replacing the stock bridge with a Mustang bridge and that would solve the problem, but it would cost me an extra €34, bringing the total to €353.

After seeing that price, I've been looking into some other guitars and I've had my eyes on the Epiphone Dot and I was wondering if this was a better bang for my buck, as it is only €298 and I don't have to do any modifications to it.

My main music genres I want to play are Grunge (Nirvana, Alice in Chains,...), Pop-punk (Blink-182,...) and pop rock a la Foo Fighters. The amp I'll be getting is either the Vox Valvetronix VT20+ or VT40+.

Is €353 too much for A Squier Jaguar, even if I'm a huge Jaguar fan and should I go for the Epiphone Dot for €298, or should I just go for the Squier Jaguar with the Mustang bridge?

TL: DR = Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar w/ Fender Mustang Bridge or Epiphone Dot?
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I brought my Squier Jaguar last summer when they just arrived on the market. Only part i'm about to chance is the pickguard. If you use 11 and thicker strings they have enough tension and there will be no buzz. I have to admit the screw in the bridge had to be locked with sth.
The only thing i don't like is the weight, but that's only an issue of muscles.
I've played both and the jag is of a higher quality build and sounds great, it sounds like a jaguar, whereas the dot sounds like a cheaper approximation of the 335, not bad, but not anywhere close to a real deal 335 or the higher up Epi's

Short story, the jag sounds like a jag, the dot sounds like a 335 copy. Both decent in their own right depending on what you're looking for.