Hi guys i got a problem with my bass...In some songs i must hit 2 notes that are in different string at the same time how can i do that with my fingers????
Wut? Just play them?

Use two different fingers?

What's the problem you are having?


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MaggaraMarine i mean in a song from soad called spiders there is something like this
how can i play that????
You either use index and middle finger simultaneously or borrow a technique from guitarists and 'pinch' the strings between thumb and index finger, a bit more awkward if you have a strongly anchored thumb but easier to play notes in exact synchrony.
practice it, rest your thumb on the e string, and put your index finger on the d string, do it as though you are trying to pick a pen up off a desk using only those to fingers.

you then pinch the strings, and hit both at the same time (one for finger one for thumb)