Looking for a jam buddy.

I would like to get together with a like minded person such as myself and jam. Nothing serious but would like to learn new stuff and be able to play together. Covers, original stuff, doesn't matter. Genre doesn't really matter either although I find myself learning mostly classic rock stuff.

I play with a guy now that has no drive or passion to learn new stuff. He's usually drunk by the time he has any interest in trying to learn something new. That doesn't work out very well.

I'd like to find someone at the same level as me or better, that actually will learn new things to bring to the next session.

I'd say I'm a rhythm player right now but working on my chops.

Looking to get together one or two nights a week.

I'm 35 - Alcohol, Tobacco, and 1620 friendly

Shoot me a message if interested. Tell me about yourself.
I look forward to hearing from you!