hello dears,

i'm a huge fan of this forum, i've learned so much by following your advices, but i'm i'n trouble with my own work and creations.

i've contacted a lot of producers and Logic masters, but i had no answer about my questions. I hope you will help me getting through the problems i have.

i'm not satisfyed at all by the sound i get when i record my projects. i have a band that wants to release an EP, but i'm blocking the project if i don't have the killer sound i want.

i'm using logic pro 9, zoom H4 device to connect my guitar and get no latency. in this song i will send you i worked with POD Farm plug in, Addictive drums, and EZMIX 2 for the mastering, but the overall sound is flat, and not as huge as i want .

this is the file on soundcloud : [forbidden link]

Pleaaase, i really need your help on this, cuz it's one year that i work every day on my sound and i make only crap, and it really depresses me to the highest level .

Thanks in advance
Please fix the link, I use Superior Drummer (the upgrade from Addictive Drums) and I also have EZMix 2 for the Guitar Gods expansion, some great amp models in there (a lot better than POD farm imo)
Can't tell for certain without the link, but here's a few generic pointers for a great sounding mix:
1. EZMix will sound okay, but learning to do it yourself will yield much better results. Presets can't know what the sound in your head is, so there might be one that's close but it will never be perfect.
2. If the raw tracks don't sound good, you're simply applying turd polish. Once you've recorded (and applied any amp sims) you should be able to balance the instruments and get a decent sound without any further processing. If you can't, the problem is coming from your tracks and you'll be fighting an uphill battle in the mixing process. Honestly, some of my best sounding mixes have nothing but hi-pass filters and mild compression.