Guys like Eric Clapton often add chords during some solos, and they sound really good. So how exactly do I add chords on solos.

Should it be during the first strum of the chord or the last? How much chords from the progression should I add? How can I make it not sound awkward? Thanks a lot!
Are you talking about chords or stuff like double stops?

I wouldn't worry about the strum pattern. Use your ear.
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Stevie Ray Vaughan's another guy who used chords in his solos, mainly double stops in the key of the solo I think.
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use chords and double stops as often as you like. The only challenge is keeping track of which chord/harmony you're playing over. It's a pretty effective way to build intensity in a rock solo if you don't have another guitar or keyboard backing you. In jazz and blues it's a pretty essential technique.

You can practice by holding a triad and letting your spare finger(s) play with melody notes above it.

You can also hit a chord at the beginning of a measure/phrase and melody notes in between the chords. This is an effective way to play over chord changes. Try a very basic pattern - just hit the chord on the first beat of each chord change, and solo in between them.
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