For build quality I'd go with the Squier. The rest is subjective.
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Both are good basses, but the jazz is going to be more versatile tone wise than the SUB. The SUB pickups are rather growly and great for slap, but their sound can be limiting in some playing situations.
Thanks guys!
I was able to plug in the squier at the guitar store here. I liked it! I don't know if was because it's new and I don't have it or what, but it was pretty fun to play and it sounded great! haha. I'm leaning towards that one since the SUB isn't as esily available and the jazz bass sounds like it is pretty versatile.
The Affinity series Squier's have nothing on the Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe ones.
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Played a few SUBs, fret slots way too deep and I found the preamp to be quite noisy. You could do worse for the money but you could also do a lot better.
I really dig the Maple bodied Squier Jazzes, they've got this awesome snappy high to them naturally, and the build quality aint too bad either. Never played one of the Black ones - I think they're agathis?
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