followed this course last month (didn't have the discipline to do every assignment). was pretty good. i'm still no good at improvising over weird/fast chord changes, mostly because i'm still learning new scale shapes for guitar, but i learned some stuff that helped with composition.
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I thought if anyone else was doing this they could post their assignments.

Here's mine https://soundcloud.com/duaneclapdrix/jazz-course-improv

The sound's bad because I still don't know how to record things and mix them properly. I also put this off all week and decided 11:30 last night was the best time to do it, so I didn't have any time to mess around with Abletons' knobs and whistles.

The solo's pretty mediocre but it's nice to hear myself improving on the things I've been working on the last couple of months.

So far the video lectures haven't taught me anything new. I've learned a lot more from doing the assignments. When I started out playing jazz I was to focused on the trying to hit all the changes instead of trying to make melodies. Cadental rhythm is more important than all the chords.

I've got a bit of a problem with this weeks assignment. The altered scale seems like a catch all to get "outside sounding notes" and sound jazzy over a dominant chord. I think you should choose what altered notes you want to use based on how you want to resolve them. I also wish he talked more about choosing you scales based on key centers. For example you could think about the A section of last weeks improv assignment as F minor for four bars, C minor for two and C Major for two.

However, this weeks assignment made me realize that I should know my scales a little better than I do now.
HI folks, I did th ecourse back in 2013 and now I found my summary for local guitar forum. So I translated it and publish in English, hope you can make some use of that:

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