Not seeking medical advice hehe.

I've been really interested in Joey Mellen's book Bore Hole about his attempts to perform self-trepanation.

Also I'm interested in the documentary "a heartbeat in the brain".

I can't find any of these. I found the book in a 'lulu' website but it didn't look trustworthy I guess.

any idea where I can find these things?
I just read about some guy taking LSD and drilling a hole into his skull for no reason. I see absolutely no reason to do this. Please inform me
I support anyone that wants to do this having the right to do so.

I also think it would be quicker if they did it with a handgun and saved the rest of us the trouble of having to deal with their ignorant ass...

But that's just my opinion.
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First hour of this includes surgical trepanation. But aren't auto-lobotomizers just insane? never heard of that.

They certainly are by the end of it.
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Can someone please inform me on info about this topic?

Ancient form of bowling:

that video link just focuses on transorbital lobotomies and open skull surgery, not trepanning.
there's an X-Files episode that mentions this.

some crazy priest has a hole in his head and crazy hypnotic powers.

and this other freak eats ladies' fingers.
sometimes i get migraines so intense, the idea of getting a chunk of my skull removed seems rather desirable..

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sometimes i get migraines so intense, the idea of getting a chunk of my skull removed seems rather desirable..

I know that feel bro. Cluster headaches over hear

I'm not considering trepanning though. It's just a topic that I'm interested in. Medical Curiosity