I've recently bought an electric guitar, and everything is going great except for one little problem with the bass strings. I wanted to play Ain't It Fun the GNR version, and the first note (A#) goes flat both when I play it 6th string - 6th fret, or 5th string - 1st fret. It never happens on my acoustic nor on the G, B and high E strings. I don't do any vibrato (I hope) or bending, but the note goes flat no matter how hard I push. I admit that the string isn't perfectly horizontal when I play it, but it's not bent enough to de-tune the string. I've checked the guitar and it doesn't de-tune, so it's not the guitar... What am I doing wrong?
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The action is probably too low and/or the frets are bad leveled, making the strings touch the next fret.. or it's just a sh*t-tier guitar, or you're just a sh*t-tier player :P