I am in the process of prepping my les paul for paint, I know that oil based filler is best but can I get away with using cheapo elmers water based filler as long as I use a couple application and let dry for 8 hours?
So I was wondering if the wood on my early 90's les paul even needs grain filler it's quite smooth to the touch and almost red in color. Do you know what kind of wood that would be? I'll look on the Gibson site.

EDIT: It's a factory Gibson Les Paul Special 94 model I believe
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Yea I've sanded it with 220 as per the reranch instructions but there is a few spots where the wood is exposed for somebodys picking hand rubbing through. It had a shit paint job on it that somebody failed miserably on.

BTW I looked at your photobucket, ****ing nice customs buddy you do nice work.
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