So me and a few friends have recently decided that we should take our band into a more synthcore type direction similiar to the band below:


This is the first tab that I have actually taken a bit of time to pin down and I just wanted some criticism just before I show it the the rest of the band.

It is only a start and when finished there will be a guitar solo/solos and drums to be added.

P.S. I wasn't incredibly happy with the synth from bars 5 to 9

It is quite short and so i wanted the criticism so that I can know whether to carry on and finish each track off or whether to start again
Well... to be honest this sounds awful. The riffs are rather monotonous the riffs and the synth are incredibly dissonant and it's simply unpleasant to listen to.

Also the synth melody is meandering and doesn't really sound like it's part of anything, it sounds like you're simply mashing a keyboard.

It's harsh sounding I know... but it's honestly what I think.
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The synth and guitar aren't in the same key, the riffs are very dull, I think you can do a lot better, it feels like you just threw something together, your riffs aren't even in the same key, it just makes no sense as a piece of music. In Post-Hardcore, you generally stick to one key, write bright, catchy melodies, and contrast your upbeat sections with your downbeat sections, and here, the song just meandered along. You really need to analyse the bands you like and see exactly why they work well, and why people like them.

EDIT: Added a little attachment; I wrote a little synth hardcore thing in about five minutes, thought I'd put it here in case you needed some ideas on how to get the synth to work with the guitar properly.
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Yeah I'm going to agree with everyone who's posted and spare you me saying the same thing. I would say the way to do it is to have the guitar more scarce and percussive, more in line with the drums and bass and let the keys do whatever they need to do while still being in key. That's how I write synthcore anyway.

EDIT: For example...
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