My year old Fender Super Champ turns itself off after a couple of minutes. The main power light stays on but the little red channel change light goes out and the amp stops making noise.

Any ideas/solutions ?


Is this the SCXD? I picked up a broken one with the same symptoms and fixed it by reseating the socketed flash memory chip.
It's an XD.

I hadd left it on accidentally for long time a few days ago, but it would have cooled down completely since.

The chip is the firmware for the DSP. Mine powered up and the tube heaters lit but the amp didn't respond to the channel change button or make any sound. There is only one chip in a socket. Try reseating it.
Presumably to get to the chip I unscrew the small back panel and then the four screws on the top of the cabinet ?? Anything else I should look out for ?

Thanks for the help.

That's sounds about right. I really can't remember except that it wasn't difficult to get the chassis out.
Took it apart and nothing loose inside.

I think it must be one of the tubes.

The tubes wouldn't stop the channel light from turning on when you switch channels. Did you reseat the flash memory chip? I wasn't expecting you to find it loose. Otherwise it sounds like the DSP may be hosed.

BTW they have a 5 year warranty so if it's within 5 years of the manu date you may be able to get it repaired even without a receipt.