wasn't sure if id have to take my guitar apart and unsolder my pickups to look at the serial numbers or not....i really dont wanna do that if there is another way could someone tell me.
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If you could tell us what kind of guitar and maybe post some pictures it might be possible to help.

Until then there's not much we can do!

epiphone sg limited edition custom shop......i looked at pictures of it off the internet and the pickups look the same then again.....that doesn't really matter now does it.
It has cheap Epiphone pickups. Take them out and get something better. If money is tight, www.guitarfetish.com has some great cheap pickups that are a deff upgrade to what is in your G-400
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If it's the '66 Reissue then it has Epiphone Alnico Classic Pros, which seem like pretty good pickups.

For future reference, most pickups have a product number on the back.
That's how I found out I had an evolution in my bridge.
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well tbh i was told their some kind of remake of the 69' epiphones p-90's so i figured id switch them out any ways.....not sure i would do it alone so im going to take it in and ask a pro to do it.Does it matter what kind of pickups i get ? i mean i know i can get different tones and all that but is the a restriction to what i can get put in this model? i wanted something with some nice warm sounds thats good for blues.