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I've just reported an ad for fake passports put up on the bass forum. The mods dealt with it pretty quickly, well done them, but I couldn't find the report button so I had to pm them.

Not a huge problem but would it be possible to make the report button a bit more obvious, perhaps by making it look like the 'quote' button?

keep up the good work
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It's obvious enough methinks. I mean, what else would the [!] icon represent?
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Phil Starr
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Quote by theogonia777
It's obvious enough methinks. I mean, what else would the [!] icon represent?

Nothing to me obviously! It is just an exclamation mark, maybe this is some convention computer experts understand or maybe I am uniquely stupid.

For me the space is there and it would make things clearer. You really don't need to be rude.
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When you hover over it the alt text describes what it does.

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I don't think it needs to be any more in your face than it is. Once you know it's there, anything more than the current icon doesn't add anything.
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Have you really never reported anything in 5+ years?

Phil Starr
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Where is the love? I'm amazed people have nothing better to do than criticize and take a poke at a simple suggestion.

If it was obvious I would have found it before, if you know it is there then of course it is simple to find again but we don't all spend hours on the internet and some people are clearly more familiar with things than others. It takes all sorts you know guys and this is a site for guitarists not techies, anything that makes it easier to use, right?

So, yes I have reported things before, but never finding the button have always done it by pm. This time one of the mods was helpful enough to point the button out to me. Now I know but my guess is that thousands don't and so don't report stuff and it stays up longer.

If the button stays as it is fewer people will use it and ads will stay a bit longer, if it is too tricky to change then it isn't a big deal, it's a minor change for a minor improvement in the end and not my decision. I'm amazed at people getting worked up at the suggestion. Change something, never.
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I wasn't aware where the report button was. I second Phil's post!
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It's not the clearest button in the world but its enough. Just hovering over it lets you know what it does. Takes a few seconds to look at the forum to find it. Less time than it probably took to make this thread

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