Does anybody remember this tragically short lived cartoon? It was broadcast in 2001, lasted only 13 episodes, and centered around awkward college experiences and an awesome cheesy pop punk soundtrack

There's lots of nostalgia with this show, and most guys who watched it as kids are probably in college now. After 12 years, the guys behind the show are trying to bring it back, there's a facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/BringBackUndergrads?fref=ts ) and possibly a kickstarter up sometime soon. Not sure if it will really happen, but I'd be stoked if it does.

Also, every episode is up in decent quality on youtube!

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I watched the first minute and a half, I can see why it was cancelled.

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It was actually a pretty damn good show. Some critics called it one of the more accurate portrayals of college life.
Whenever reruns are on I try and watch again for nostalgias sake, but everytime I do it's that damn RISK episode.
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Definitely one of my more favourite cihldhood shows. I remember pretty much every single episode word for word haha. I wish they made a season 2 though : (

Now that I'm actually in University, I noticed that everything that happened in the show was 99% accurate as to how the real experience is.
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That was painful. And kids were supposed to watch this?

I loved this show when I was younger

I hope they bring it back

I never realized it was so short-lived
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i find your misuse of the term "pop punk" offensive.

i also find your opinion that this show was "tragically short lived" offensive.