Having recently found myself a very pretty if battered body in a skip, I am wondering what to do with it.

I have too many guitars already but something I have always wanted to have a try on is a baritone scale guitar. I play a lot of very low tuned stuff and it makes sense.

Two questions, firstly is it easy to just fit a baritone neck and go from there? The internet seems to think so but I would like to hear a few more "yes"s before diving in.

Secondly, how easy is building a neck? I am not a construction virgin, having built several bodies and one whole lute with my father, who, as a furniture maker has all the tools and a workspace I can use.

Necks are meant to be harder though, so my question is, how hard? Any tips?

If you're making the neck then you should be able to get around most of the issues by getting all your measurements sorted to start with.

I've never made a neck myself but it looks like you're in a good starting position.
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