Hey guys. It's been a long time since I've had money to upgrade my home studio, but I've sold/am selling a few bits of unneeded gear to fund it. However, I'm still on a budget so I'm still on the cheap-but-decent side of things.

I have found a pair of active KRK RP5's for just under £220

and on the other end of my budget spectrum I have found a pair of active Behringer B1031A Truth's for just under £280.

I am aware that the KRK's are 5" and the Behringers are 8" speakers, but my question is:
In a small home studio with very limited space, does size really matter to the extent where you'd NEED to splash out on more expensive monitors?

I'd prefer the KRKs but thats simply because the cabinet's are smaller so they'll fit nicer on my desk. But am I sacrificing alot if I dont go with the bigger monitors?

Cheers for any input
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It all comes down to how large your room is and personal preference. Basically, a bigger speaker is going to push more air and give you better low end response. Though, depending on the size of the room, you may end up with too much low end and everything sounds boomy.

I personally own a pair of the Behringer Truth B3031As and they are amazing. One thing that both the B3031As and the B1031As have are adjustable controls on the back to better tune the monitors to your room The KRK's allow you to tune the low end of the monitors but the Behringers will give you a lot more control overall. Also, Behringer is good with their warranty as well. Had one of my Truth's replaced (Minor issue) and it took about a week total to have it all turned around and good.
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In a small room, especially untreated, smaller speakers will do best. You're going to build up a lot of low end with 8" monitors without having any treatment, and depending on how small the room actually is, you may never be able to properly controll it. Really though, it's really a tossup, since you haven't given us the dimensions of your room, if you have any treatment, where you'll be placing the speakers, etc.
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