hopefully i'll be posting this in the right place......

so how would you go about that fabled "pick of destiny" for yourself? ive tried atleast 30 to 40 bucks worth of picks in all shapes and sizes and materials and some feel right while others arent. how do you know which gauge is right and which is wrong?

personally ive noticed .71-1.5s have given me the best feels. i like em thick cuz theres less give when i hit a pinch harmonic and start shredding, but the thinner ones feel so nice when strumming or doing minor solos and hitting pinches.

ive tried gator grip, planet waves celluloid, traynor nylons, dunlop nylons so i thought id ask your guys opinions.

the best ive had was teh .96 from traynor. but i dont like the materials feel. i prefer something from the dunlop variety that has a grip on it.
You gave the answer yourself. Keep trying until you find the one that you like best.
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Yup. This is why pick/string threads get closed (besides copy/pasting the same thread to multiple forums ) - they just end up being 20 pages of people blindly posting what they use. It's all trial and error, and personal preference.