Hello I am here and I have this problem. I want to play songs but almost every song I want to play is too hard. So do you have any good but easy songs? Pretty please

I know how to play In Flames Acoustic Medley ( oh my god!), Skidrow 18 and life (Oh my god my. My only remembrance for my friend) Hammerfall Blood Bound. (also quite good) then some folk songs and that is about it.

So if you could and would then I would be gratefull.
scales...lol at that anyways easy songs ? well smoke on the water was pretty easy one by metallica is too easy also iron man. along with that you don't have to play songs with power chords just play one string it will sound basically the same but when your comfortable add the 2nd or 3rd string to form the powerchord.
AC/DC, that is all.
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Being that I'm a shameless metalhead and had the exact same problem starting out, here's my suggestion.

Learn any song by Venom.

Some of Slayer's earlier stuff is actually pretty easy too, though most of the solos might be difficult if you're looking for something easy.

Most Mercyful Fate songs aren't too hard, either. And you could always learn more Hammerfall.

If difficulty is an issue but you still want to play metal, pretty much your best bet is going to be the oldies - pre-thrash metal kind of stuff. Judas Priest, Diamond Head, Black Sabbath, etc, etc.
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AC/DC, that is all.

^ This

Also Oasis is pretty basic catchy stuff