Hey guys! I just started playing guitar and I wanted to learn something that I can play for my girlfriend. I can't really pick out the chords since I'm new, but there's a video here. Flyleaf is her favorite band, but unfortunately a few of her favorite songs are not tabbed out. If you guys could help me out, no matter how little that is, that would be awesome

I'm not good at following hands, but there's a cover of the song here (and nowhere else) if it makes it any easier.
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It was more tricky than I thought, but this is what I think:

Intro: A....F#m-F#sus4-F#m7....D....

0.33:Verse: F#m....F#m/A-F#sus4/A-F#m7/A....D....A/E------x2 (but 2nd time it's just A instead of A/E

1.06: F#m

1.10: Chorus: Dmaj7....E-Esus6-E....Bm....D

I'm not 100%, but I think it sounds ok.

If some of the chords are to confusing, like: F#m-F#sus4-F#m7 , you can just play F#m
Awesome, thanks man. Do you mind if I tab it out so that other people looking for this song can find it? I'll give you credit on the page.

Also, how would you play that Esus6 chord? I tried the chords on this page but they don't sound right to my ears. The E sounds fine though.
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No I don't mind, go ahead!

Hm, I hear the C# note in the chorus, which is the sus6 in the E chord. Remember the Esus6 is supposed to be played fast, so it's still the E that is the main chord, but u just do a fast variation with the sus6. If you listen closely you can hear it excactly at 1.15 (Esus6) and just before it hits 1.16 it goes back to E.