I've been looking at mid-range cymbals but I'm not sure what I want. As of right now I'm looking at the AAX X-Plosion 19 inch but the 18 inch sounds appealing too. I only use 2 cymbals and a hi-hat so I'd be using it for riding too.

I most play Northstar, Converge, Fireworks, and misc. hardcore or pop punk bands.

Any suggestions? Preferably $280 or under
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Im curious to know what you consider high level if the AAX line is mid-level? Any of Sabians hammered B20 lines are professional level cymbals.

The AAXplosions are IMHO the best crash cymbals on the market. I play an 18" xplosion alongside an 18" AAX Studio crash.

It will also work well for riding, AAX's decay a little quicker than other cymbals so you can get pretty good stick definition when wash riding on them.
On my small config I use my 20" AAX-Plosion crash for riding. It works well as a ride when using brushes or thunder rods, but it's still too light to get a nice ping from being played on the bow with a stick.

To be honest, when I think of mid range I think of lines like the XS-20s, but I guess you could check out the Zildjian A Sweet Ride (21 or 23"), and see if you could get a used one. They work very well as big crashes
I like to stick to Sabians. I have a B8Pro crash/ride and HHX crash. HHX sounds way better, my favourite cymbal. Awesome bright sound and rings really nicely. Not a great bell however, B8 is much better for riding. HHX is a better cymbal and if I had to choose between the two I'd definitely take the HHX.

I would invest in a good ride though if you already have two crashes. Nothing like a sweet sounding ride, you can find thinner rides with great crash sounds as well.
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