Hey all, it sure has been awhile since I've posted here. This has always been a great community, and I have a song in progress I have really hit a snag on and could use some advice. It is more-or-less a straight forward "monster ballad," and I'm really not sure where to go with the second verse/pre-chorus. Here is the song as it stands now.

"Home to You"

V1: I've been gone
For so long
But I can't say where I've been.
Driven for days
The road seems a maze.
When will it be my journey's end?

P-C 1: It's been a struggle
Seen lots of trouble
But you should know
Through any lengths I'd go

Chorus: And I'd travel
1000 miles
Just to get myself
Home to you
I would battle
Any trials
So I can get myself
Home, home to you

So that's what I have so far. A bit cliche, I know, but that's not necessarily a bad thing for the style of song. Like I said, the biggest thing is where to go in the second half. I'm torn between explaining "where I was" or describing "the road I'm on." Any advice would be great. Thanks so much for taking some time to look and comment, happy to return the favor.

"When you do something right, it seems as if you've done nothing at all."
So, I've come up with a rough second verse I'd like to add for consideration. I'm thinking of just repeating the same pre-chorus as after the first verse. Again, this is a first draft so any comments are welcome. Thanks!

Verse 2: The pavement lines
Fly by my eyes
Drawing the path I must take
It leads me on
Back to your arms
Where from this nightmare I can wake
"When you do something right, it seems as if you've done nothing at all."
On the second post, the use of 'nightmare' is kind of an odd sort of imagery, at least when i think about it. What if instead of 'Where from this nightmare I can wake' you sang 'A dream from which I always wake'. That would convey a hopeless feeling, which is very much what your state of mind would be if you always had the same dream about being with the person you love but then you wake up feeling alone. That's just my thought! I spent a fair bit brainstorming more parts, but I've always found rhyme schemes difficult for me because often what I come up with is forced.

Can I get a critique?