The mids on the guitar are actually boosted pretty significantly. I probably just messed up some where else in the mix. And you're right on the EQ with the synth, because I was too lazy to bother with it last night :/. For the drums, I actually use different samples from around the internet, and synced it with my Kit plug-in.

I'll see if I can get a better mix over the weekend if I'm not busy with anything else. Thanks for the feedback brother!
This track is far more interesting than your average metalcore track man - I was expecting breakdown after breakdown or something. Love the melodies in the track.

Anyway as far as the production goes I think that it's a pretty solid effort, the drums sound great imo especially with the snare coming through nicely - if anything it's just the levels of the drums that need to come down very slightly.

I think that the lead/synthey thing at around 0.52 overrides the guitars slightly and has too much clarity compared to the guitars. 1.12 - 1.30 sounds really good and clear.

I think it may be that the synth just has too much low end and is clashing with the bass track possibly, making it sound a bit overwhelming. Besides that I think it's a good mix man.

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