Hi guys, this is a song was recorded the other day with my two man blues/jazz/pop project, called project 54. I did Guitar, bass, and programmed the drums, while the other guy sang on it. I think its a pretty awesome song. It was pretty much completely off the cuff, nothing was written out, and it IS a simple song, but at the same time i think its really pretty cool. Id love to hear what u guys think!!!

As always, Ill C4C!


Jake P
Quote by dagget
This is really cool ! For some reason, the way it got mixed and recorded it sounds like an oldschool recording - if that was what you were going for. Good job man Singer has a good voice too.

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Thanks a lot man! I was going for an oldschool sound, at first i couldnt get it to sound right, but then i threw a few filters/eqs on and a little distortion over everything, and i was like wow this sounds kinda neat, so why not haha Thanks for the crit i c4cd!