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Hey guys! Been working on some new recordings lately and just finished editing up this new cover of Andy Timmons' song "Deliver Us" from his record "Resolution".

Check it out! Please like, subscribe, and comment I will gladly C4C if you have something you'd like me to look at.


Andy Timmons Band - Deliver Us Cover
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My man! Great cover, cool song. I like the tone and really enjoyed the video editing as well! What camera do you use? The resolution is amazing! Also what amp is that behind you. All around high quality, I subscribed and an gonna check out your other vids
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Man that was REALLY awesome. Ur by far one of the best guitarists on here. Andy timmons is one of those guitarists I LOVE, but completely forget about haha But seeing u cover it, and play it as well as him, made me realize that he is awesome haha And ur playing is great man, great technique, great everything! Thanks for the crit man
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Thanks for the kind words guys, I really appreciate it I'm gona put up a new one of "Beware Dark Days" by Timmons this week as well.

Any special requests?
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Great cover, ya nailed down nice tones, with nice playing and nice editing, I wish there were more videos of this caliber on here.

Do Copperhead Road, if your taking requests.
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Holy shit, talk about flawless! I digged your tone, and awesome playing. You're really talented at important things like vibrato and all the other crazy shit you pulled off! This is not exactly my kind of music, but I used to play with a guy that played a lot of this kind of music, but this was really impressive! I can't really give any constructive criticism, because to me it seems that construction is completed!

PS: Thanks for the comment on my playing, and by the way, awesome filming(was really cool to watch!)
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Impressive cover. After looking over my cover you replied on, I understood what you meant on using more vibrato. You demonstrated that in this video marvelously, too.

Keep it up!