I've been given an assignment on fairly short notice to play a solo piece. Now straight I'm thinking jazz chord melody, probably of Misty, but this is the first time I've done a chord melody and I don't think I can ace this in time.

If anyone can think of a relatively easy solo piece (no accompaniments or backing tracks) that I could play for this, that would be awesome. Also I'd like to note that I'm not the greatest guitarist (although I'm fairly competent, been playing for a quite a while), but I've only been doing Jazz improv/playing for about a year so I'm still not very good at it, coming from a blues and funk background.

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I had a similar assignment in school. If you can pull it, your teacher will probably love you:


Tab: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/m/misc_unsigned_bands/chris_kitchen_-_somewhere_over_the_rainbow_guitar_pro.htm

It's relatively easy if you have knowledge of your jazz chords. The only hard part is some of the fingering around 1:20-ish

EDIT: and you can always skip the harder parts. I doubt your teacher has heard this version.
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