So, I'm on the waiting list for the KTR, But it's boring me. I want good Klon clean boost goodness now please. And then when the KTR comes i'll choose which one to flip.

I'd pay up to £200 used or new. Maybe £250. Not 300.

If you can't tell what it needs to sound like, I want it to sound like a Klon.
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You could find a Klone. Some of the guys on here know some pretty legit ones, they might pop in and tell you.
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Well it is not a Klon, but the Timmy is a good OD
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never heard one, but this is supposed to be right up there with the pick of the bunch when it comes to klones (Hell, it's even called the Klone) AND it comes woth a bass boost option.
AND there's a pretty wicked burgs demo.

$240US international shipped for the bass boost model, $205 US without the bass boost shipped internationalmn

FOr what it's worth (3/5ths of fuck all), If I was after a Klone I'd go for this one

EDIT: Forgot link
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Well it is not a Klon, but the Timmy is a good OD

+1 unfortunately i haven't played a klon or a klon of one, my Timmy treats me good. i will get a clone of a klon at some point in time. i actually want to pick up another timmy, but its lower on the priority list.
Cajole Matt (mmolterax) into building you one.
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Cajole Matt (mmolterax) into building you one.

i would probably go to him first, but i don't have a ton of gear money atm. i am actually looking to pick up a 6505+ head one of these coming weeks.

i have had a lot of chaos lately, i paid $5200 for a new roof on my house so that kind of sucked some of the cash of the gear fund.

then at the house now i am in the middle of a million things trying diagnose the ampeg lee jackson. and i really want my home built 1x15" cabs finished and get some speakers.

but for some reason i want a 6505+