So I found this guitar in my attic and I want to start learning how to play. I'm slowly but surely making progress but I don't even know what guitar I'm playing. I did some digging online but I couldn't find anything about it. I don't see any numbers on my guitar either.

I took some pics hoping some of you knew what model it is:
(I don't know why but I couldn't get the BB-codes to work, sorry for that)
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There's lots of information on Google about various companies called Morris.

One seems to be an acoustic luthier and another seems to be a Japanese company from the 70s that exported guitars to the states.

I don't know what you were searching but if I Google 'Morris guitars' I get a lot of information.

If I Google 'Morris Electric Guitars' I get more, and 'Morris Telecaster' yields quite a lot of results.

I'll let you dig through that information.
I agree there is alot of information. But the except for Morris Telecaster I can't find much more and the guitars that show up at the images are all slightly different from the one I have.

I was hoping I could find some number or something indicating the model.
Go on http://www.tdpri.com

They'll probably know the exact model. This is a forum for a broad range of guitars, you'll less likely find anyone who has such a specific knowledge of that particular brand from the 70s.

Somewhere specialist might be wiser. But you never know, there might be an enthusiast watching right now.