Hey , I've been meaning to buy a new electric acoustic and I've boiled my options down to these 2 guitars. The epiphone EJ200-CE and the Fender 280SCE.

Now what I like/dislike about them.

EJ200CE - What bothers me the most about it is the size and the jumbo body. It's a great sounding guitar I had a chance to play it at a local store , sound is awesome , but I've never owned a jumbo and I'm worried that the size would bother me in the long run. That's about my only problem with it.

280SCE - I like that it's a dreadnought body , I've been used to smaller guitars (even though I'm a rather large person lol). The neck seemed a bit faster than the epiphone ,I kind of liked this since I really enjoy acoustic blues solo-ing and playing around the fretboard (never stay in one place too much). What bothered me about it is...well frankly , it's a fender , don't have nothing against them but I've only ever owned fenders, thought a change might be nice.

That's about it , I liked the sound of both a lot , not sure about the electrics in them since I've never owned an acoustic-electric , I was hoping maybe someone can shed some light and maybe help me in making a decision , the price range is the same so that's not a problem.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I'm not a native speaker. Thanks in advance!

(Can't link to the websites for some reason)
The price is about the same , about 15-20 euro difference so that's not an issue. They are the same price range. (Epiphone is cheaper)
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if you liked the Epi's sound better, take a chance on it. it may take a bit of getting used to but in the end you'll be happier.
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i find jumbos are more comfortable than dreads, i guess 'cause of the curve of the body - my arm naturally drifts to the best spot. btw, i'm only 5' 3". if you're concerned about size, the depth of the body might be something to consider.
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Thanks for the replies everyone , I'll definitely go back these next weeks and play the heck out of them til I decide.

Just one more concern , to anyone that has owned and Epi EJ-200CE , how is the fretboard? Is bending strings difficult? Asking because it's kind of hard to determine that in the shop since the guitar hasn't been played very much and it feels quite rigid.