So i've recently brought myself a 2nd guitar, which I am planning to use as a detuned guitar in tunings like drop B and drop C
It is a Schecter Omen Extreme 6. I know, not very high spec for most of you on here, but I felt the need for a NGD thread
I brought it used for £170 quid, which isn't too bad, even if I paid £35 for courier delivery It's in quite good nick, considering the previous owner had it for 3 years!

I haven't had any experience with high end gear, so I could be wrong in some places here.

25.5" scale length
Jumbo frets
Mahogany body w/ maple top
TOM w/ thru-body strings
Schecter Diamond plus PUPS w/ coil tap (crappy stock pickups)
Stock tuners
Arrow fretboard inlays
Warwick strap locks (installed by previous owner)

I brought this guitar based on looks. I researched it also, but looks were the main feature that made me buy it. I wanted a guitar that didn't have a black finish as my current guitar (Ibanez ART 100DX) had one, so the red quilt top finish really drew me to this. Also, the inlays are very nice, I was looking to hopefully buy a guitar that did not have boring old dot inlays, so the arrow inlays fitted the bill (I even think they may be better than the block inlays on my Ibanez!)
I was looking for another guitar that I could keep in tunings like drop C and drop B, and as money was a bit of an issue, I didn't have too much to spend.

The sound isn't much to be talked about. It has stock pickups, which aren't too bad, but aren't much to shout about either.
With lots of gain, it can sound quite muddy, but that's something I expected.
The cleans are alright, again nothing to shout about.
The coil tap is a nice addition, using that with a clean amp channel, I managed to get a good twangy tone.

I haven't used it for any low tunings yet, as I haven't got round to changing the current strings yet. It is set up with 0.52-0.10s and I am keeping them on there for the moment as it's a nice change from my usual 0.56-0.12s! Its set up well though, and the current strings handle drop D and Eb tuning well.

The hardware seems in good condition, I like the strap locks the previous owner installed, as they are very easy to remove and seem secure. It stays in tune well, which is probably partially down to the good setup. The frets are also still in good condition. The fretboard is obviously used, but not in bad condition. I personally like the volume and tone knobs as they are much easier grippable compared to my other guitar.

Over all, it's a decent purchase, there are improvements to be made with pickups, but that is to be expected with a low end guitar.


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