Hi there!

Just a quick mention about my band 'Soul State' from north east england. Been on the go since late 2012, recorded our 'live' EP 'Wrong Side of Town' earlier this year, which is available for download on iTunes. If you head over to our reverbnation or youtube pages you can preview a couple of tracks off it aswell.

Main influences are the usual suspects, ACDC, Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Sabbath etc. Have had a few people come up to us at gigs recently and liken us to Clutch aswell but ive never really listened to them so can't comment, let me know if you agree!

Anyway enough from me, if you like what you hear give us a 'like' on facebook etc and i'll return the favour. Comments and crit highly welcomed! Always willing to listen and learn from others. Also if anybody fancies gigging with us or inviting us to gig with them then get in touch!

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You're good, but that's not exactly what I expected. Some of your songs sound more 90-ish than your influences may suggest. Although I like it. I don't quite dig the vocals, but maybe that's because I've watched your music videos first and now I have a vision of your vocalist opening his mouth and shouting in a very unattractive awkward way (can't find the right words :P).
Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated!

@21Fretter - I uunderstand what you say about our vocalist. Ive thought that myself on more than one occaision. He has good days and bad days and good songs and bad songs. Truthfully I dont think hes overly comfortable in the role, hes naturally a bass player, but he was willing to stand infront of a mic and do stuff which is more than I could manage so I dont really mind.

@wszyscyzginiemy - I listed those bands mainly because theyre probably the only bands that all four of us actually agree on! Its actually quite nice to have four people who's musical influence is drawn from a few different eras and genres. Ive never been very good at 'labelling' for lack of a better word anyhow, I probably couldnt say who we sound like but I never really considered it a bad thing. If you get chance have a flick through some of the albums on our facebook, some hilarious pictures on there of all of us!!

Thanks again guys.