I know when i comes to tracks, people always talk about the beat but what exactly do you call the "melody" of the track? The part that goes along with drum pattern to make the track complete.
Not sure what you're asking? If you mean what are the other parts, the answer is rhythm and melody. Rhythm is your chords/bassline which is usually built from the beat. The melody is then built on top of that and is your singing/lead guitar/keyboard.

A song doesn't necessarily (and is often not) written in that order, but that's usually how a song is structured. So for a rock song, you have your beat driving the song's tempo, then the bassline acts as a sort of bridge between the rhythm and the beat and then you have the rhythm which is sort of like a bridge between the bass/beat and the melody. The melody sits on top.

That's probably the most simplistic way I can put it without going into counterpoint, harmony, etc.
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What are you asking? Are you asking what the word melody means, or what melody is?

I know the question sounds confusing but I think i've got my answer already. Thanks anyways.