So I've been strat hunting for quite some while, and I asked this guy what pups would be nice fitting in particular situations.

He told me that it was a long list, but told me to 'stay away from texas special pups', as he found it takes away from the guitar's sound more than enhancing it.

Normally I don't trust people who are set on stuff, but this guy picked up my guitar and could tune AND intonate it in approx. 4 minutes by ear (I checked with tuner was perfect).

He seemed rather set on this particular feature, so what's the board opinion on these? (cause I still wanna keep open about it)

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It's nice that he's got a good ear for pitch, but that doesn't mean crap as far as what he prefers in tone. The two are unrelated. There's nothing wrong with Texas Specials, he just doesn't like how they sound. That doesn't need to influence your decision.

Secondly, my BS alarm goes off when someone goes off on gibberish about "taking away more than enhancing" the tone regarding pickups. Pickups are the tone; you have to have something to compare it to before you can say it takes away from the tone. So that sentence means nothing and makes me think he's making crap up to make his opinion sound like fact.

For what it's worth, they're rather popular pickups and I've played several great guitars with them. There's nothing inherently wrong with them, so there's no reason to listen to his preference over your own research.

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+1 (except I haven't tried them)
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I had them on my Strat, and they have a nice sound. They're a little hotter for what I'm trying for, though, so I put Klein 59 Vintage pickups on the guitar.

The Texas Specials sound great. Don't know what that guy is talking about.
I have them in the neck and middle positions of my strat, and they sound perfect.
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I think they sound pretty good, much fuller and juicier than let's say Duncan SSL1s.
Also they handle gain pretty well and with rolled off tone and an OD pedal as a boost you can kinda pull off some woman-tone on the neck pickup.
Nice pickups if you like the SRV type of blues tone and RHCP clean tone, but they can do much more as well. They cut pretty well through the mix too but still sound more rounded, yet with a certain grind in the mids compared to more 'traditional' single coils IMO.
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I wouldnt trust any one intonating my guitar by ear. I'd tell them to get over themselves and use a tuner to guarantee it is right.

Choosing pickups is down to opinion and how good quality they are. A lot of people love Texas Specials.
tried them, they sounded GREAT for blues and other genres around that. i ended up getting the '69 specials because they didn't sound all that different to me and they were on the guitar anyway when i bought it.

but i have heard nothing but good things about the texas specials.
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