Hey guys what’s up?

I'm writing a song on the acoustic guitar, but I'm kind of stuck in it, I'm not having a lot of ideas lately. So I was wondering if you guys can help me finish it, putting it other instruments, vocals, riffs etc.., Or even just giving ideas, such as letters. I think it could be really cool to do a project that can create a music with different people from various places from a initial idea. Worth any instrument and idea! As you will improving it, post it here and tell us what you have added in the music, and which program ( and version) / file / format you are posting, ok? I really hope that it works, and so we can form a whole song by working together ! I'll post my initial share here in mp3 , so it is easier to download and reproduce in any program. Recorded in Audacity 2.0.3. It has 2 minutes of recording.
I have attached the file.

Music has:
Begin and verse: Bm (alternating with B (5) 9), G#m7, G7M - 5x played
Pre-chorus: B5, G, B5, C/G, B5, G, A9 - played 1x
Chorus: Bm, A (4) 6, G#m7, G7M - played 2x
And then back to the beginning, repeating over 2x and ends ...
That's it, hope you can help me!!

Regards to all!
Music to improve.zip
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Hey, interested in hearing what your starting with but the aup file is an audacity file, as far as I can tell, gonna look it up, but I use cubase and I have no program to open it with.

A wave file might be more universal if you can export it as such. Or some other file type accessible to others who dont use audacity.

Gonna look and see if I can find a way to open it.
Guess it doesnt matter if you only want audacity users to chime in.

Computers too stuffed with other recording programs to download audacity to hear it.

Sorry, just being honest.

First off: The AUP file just has the project information, and instructions on how to put the audio data together. The actual audio data is stored in a separate folder (called "project name"_data). I'm not sure how you thought you could cram 2 minutes of recordings into 476 bytes, but...

Second: Most of us don't use Audacity here. This is why.

Third: This is the wrong forum. Try again in Recordings, and post the wav instead (compressed of course).