How do i get that killer echo,reverb and delay george is using on back for the attack. What effect is he using and what sounds simular? using vsts in cubase, i´ve been doing with cubase reverb does and not work similiar.
Having a quick listen, as I'm not too familiar with Dokken. Only listening on gf's laptop, but sounds to me like you're going down the wrong route if you're using a lot of reverb.

In keeping with most metal lead tones, it's going to be more about the echo/delay (sounds reasonably quick compared to most lead tones I go for, but not 'slapback' quick). You want to set it up so you've got your lead track, then you use a send to an aux/bus with delay on it (maybe EQ before the delay, to filter out more low end than the original track, so there's less competition and muddiness) and then either reverb after it, or sending the original track to a second bus for reverb (I'd choose the first option though and have the delay going into the reverb).

Then adjust the fader for the sends to taste. Other than that, it's partly in the fingers and playing style (wide bends, harmonics, and whammy bar abuse) and the overall tone itself - don't use too much gain; it was (presumably) the 80's so they didn't pile the gain on like some people nowadays, and it's a fairly bright sound so a decent whack of high mids and treble, keep the low end under control.

May even have a go at recreating the tone for you in a min if I can be bothered, although I should probably work on the project I'm doing atm as you aren't paying me
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And recommending pickups and pinch harmonics to get an echo is a notch below "you need a new amp". I know we're not paid for this, but it's not too much to ask you to use your brain.
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Well, a warning will do. And to think I actually started programming a basic drum pattern based on a song on that album!
Hey, look. Sigs are back.