Hey my fellow UG'ers, I've a minor issue I could use some help with. I've recently started progressing with my use of barre chords, and it's generally going quite well, but I've noticed something bizarre; I've no problem with the A Minor and E Major chord shapes, but I can't get the E Minor and A Major shapes to ring out properly. The A Major shape is more a matter of getting the stretch down (I've always had massive trouble with B Major) but it's the E Minor shape that's driving me nuts. Is there some trick I'm missing for keeping enough pressure in place to get all the notes to ring out like they're supposed to?
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I'm a little confused, do you have trouble with other barre chords with the same shape such as f major or just those two chords? Regardless, This is actually a really common problwm for a lot of guitarists. Unfortunately practice and conditioning is all you can really do.

There's no secret really, just make sure your index finger is flat against all the strings and that you're not muting anything by accident with your other fingers. Barre chords can be tough at first, some people have a lot of trouble applying enough pressure to all the strings. All I can tell is is practice, eventually you'll get there.
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index finger flat against the fret it's meant to be on, do the standard e shape with your other three fingers, then move them to the next strings.

are you a chubby lad? i don't ask to poke fun, i ask because i am too (though recently lost a fair bit of weight) and before my extra bits of skin on my fingers (only a mm or 2 in difference) were too close to the strings when i did the Am/Em/Dm etc shape and the strings wouldn't ring true.

it may be a case of adapting your wrist position in relation to the fretboard.
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