As the title says, my guitar (A Fender Jim Root Signature Telecaster with hardtail bridge and locking tuners) goes out of tune quite often when I bend the 2nd or 3rd string. Also when I do behind-the-nut bends it goes out of tune as well (for like half a step).

Can someone kind enough to guide me through this? I know little about maintenance of the guitar so I wouldn't mind for some tips Thank you!
Are you stringing it correctly? Also are the strings still new? And hows the nut cut? A bad nut can make it go out of tune.
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I'm using Elixir polyweb strings and it's still kinda new (still have that new string shininess on them).
Regarding the nut cut, how do I know if it's a bad one or a normal one? I've read some posts about nut cut and they say graphite is a good way to treat nut cut?
Thanks for the reply!
If your strings are getting stuck in the slots of the nut, then lubricating the slots may solve the problem. Get a proper lubricant ( GHS sells a teeny, tiny bottle of the stuff that will last for years) and apply it to the nut slots, and where the strings break over the saddles. If that doesn't fix your issue, you may need to have the slots in the nut widened to accommodate your string gauge. Any competent luthier should be able to do that for very little money.
Is that kind of lubricant specifically designed for guitar or can it be any kind of oil-type lubricant? Just want to be sure
It's specifically for guitar. It doesn't stink, won't stain the fretboard, interact with the finish, and it fits in the case easily. It appears that the GHS stuff has been discontinued... shows how long I've had my bottle. Anyway, there's some Planet Waves lube that should be just as good. One container should be enough to regularly lube a small fleet of guitars for a decade or more.
Big Bends nut sauce works well.

What gauge strings were originally on the guitar and what did you put on it now?

Like was said a decent tech can widen the slots easy if need be.
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