so after much thought i decided to refinish my old washburn guitar using rust oleum paints and aim for black with white racing stripesglossy finish.

-the guitar is a washburn MG340r

any feedback, tips, advice is welcome

i'll try to update as i progress.
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today i started sanding with 180 grit sandpaper. this is the result so far:

so aparently this guitar was originally metallic red then white and the finaly violet

-now i have a question, how much do i need to sand so i can paint over it ? what are the pros/cons of sanding to the wood ?
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it isn's wood showing, it's the original red metalic paint

here you may see better

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what grit should i use to smooth the surface before painting ?

should i reprime before ?
today i sanded the back of the body, tomorow i'll finish sanding and prepare the surface for paint.

i want to thank you explorerbuilder for your help

tomorrow i'll upload more pics
You seem to have the right idea. But just wanted to add some people say sanding to the wood has some tonal benefits due to the change in density of the guitar after several refinishes. This is probably only noticeable to a tiny minority of people though unless your guitar has been refinished several times. So, I'd advise sanding back to the red paint before you start over but it won't make that much difference (particularly if the guitar has cheap electronics etc.)